Osho is a revolutionary in the truest sense of the word. Born in India in 1931, he dedicated his life to teaching awareness in order to awaken us from old habits of thinking, living and being. His goal was to help us discover the universal divinity residing in all of us and our destiny within that. For the first time, a Master truly bridged the gap between east and west, making great knowledge and wisdom available and accessible to westerners. His teaching reached many people all over the world during his life and since leaving his body in 1999, through his writings.

Never before has a Master left so much of the written word for us to enjoy and learn from - over 200 books, covering every topic imaginable. This is a great treasure of wisdom, accessible to all of us. Before leaving his body, he declared that he would dissolve in his people and that it would be through them that he would continue to teach the world. Today, all over the world, there are Sannyassins, men and women, following in the footprints of his walking. If you have ever met a Sannyassin, you will have found that they generally are wonderful, joyous people of wisdom who live their lives free of neediness and in full responsibility for themselves.

"The first part has to be sex. The second part has to be love. The third part has to be prayer, and the fourth has to be transcendence.

So from the gross to the subtle you move. And in the fourth, sex has to completely disappear, love too, prayer too. Make it absolutely silent, peaceful, meditative... not even a trace is left.

These are the four stages of Neo-Tantra..." 


This was one focus of his teaching, to teach men and women how to relate consciously and openly with one another, free of manipulation and dependence. Osho did not teach a religion. On the contrary, he bridged the gap between all faiths, eastern and western, and his teachings can be beneficial, no matter what your religion is.

His sannyassins do not form a new religion or faith and are not part of an organization, but are a loose group of people who have been touched by these teachings so deeply, that they have desired to walk in his footprints. It was Osho who made Tantra accessible to the west. His Book of Secrets is a deep discourse into ancient tradition of Tantra and a step by step introduction into what it is and how to enter into this path. Highly recommended reading! 

I had known about Osho since the late seventies in Germany, a time when I was not ready to embrace his teachings. I remained sceptical for over 30 years before he called me to him in 2005. He came to me one morning after waking up some weeks after my tantric initiation. He did this by means of a vivid image of his smiling face appearing in my consciousness which stayed for days. I recognised his calling, and now didn't hesitate to take Sanyass with him. It was Osho who opened the path of Tantra to the west. In the sixties and seventies this was radical and revolutionary.

Today, there are Sanyassins all over the world teaching Tantra, many of them are South Africans, most of them, who, unlike their peers from other parts of the world, didn't return home to teach, but settled in Australia, the United Kingdom, America, and Europe where they opened schools and meditation centres spreading his teachings. Tantra has been taught in South Africa since 2004, fist by the Advita Tantra School and then in addition since 2006, Tantra sacred massage and the Durga Tantra School.

Quotes on Tantra by Osho from his Book of Secrets

"Sex is just the beginning, not the end But if you miss the beginning, You will miss the end also."

"The moment you enter love, you enter a different person. And when you come out you will not be able to recognize your old face; it will not belong to you. A discontinuity will have happened. Now there is a gap, the old man is dead and the new man has come. That is what is known as rebirth -- being twice-born."

"This is tantra's proposition, that mind is nothing but subtle matter; it can be changed. And once you have a different mind you have a different world, because you look through the mind. The world you are seeing, you are seeing because of a particular mind."

"I have found that while you are playing your mind is more open. While you are serious your mind is not so open; it is closed."

"Tantra is not concerned with your clothes, tantra is concerned with you.” 

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