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I have written briefly what Tantra means to me, here is what other Tantra teachers around the world have to say by way of an introduction to Tantra. They have already put is so well, I could not improve on what thay say. Also, I find it interesting and rewarding to read about what other tantrikers have to say. There are many approaches to Tantra, all of them in their way perfectly good, in fact, Tantra starts where you are and takes it from there - putting it simply, that is! Enjoy the quotes.

» The History of Yoga and Tantra
» The Philosophy of Yoga and Tantra
» On Tantric Philosophy
» More on tantric philosophy
» On who is Tantra for
» On what is Tantra
» More on what is Tantra
» More on what Tantra is
» On tantric awakening
» On Tantra being a journey
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