What is tantra?

"Reality is what it is, but it likes to dress up in different clothes and throw theme parties. Daoism is the most reserved and cultured guest at the party. And Tantra is the outrageous one. Being outrageous isn't so conducive to producing easily digestible, comprehensive texts. Also, Tantra loves to trade in paradoxes. And secrecy. And teasing. And quadruple-quadruple entendres."

Shambhavi Sarasvati
There are many answers to this question. For me the essence of all of them is that Tantra is the receiving and imparting of unabridged, totally accepting love at every level of my being all the time. This love can include the sexual but does not have to. For many, the misunderstanding is, that the sexual, i.e. arousal and completion resulting in particularly mind-blowing sex, is the main focus of Tantra.

My experience with Tantra has been otherwise - my experience has been much, much more. Experiencing the sacredness in the sexual has opened my heart in a way never before and this in turn has brought me the deepest fulfilment I could ever have imagined. In this fulfilment, the sexual is no longer the driving force; the desire to remain in this heart-love is - accompanied by the desire to impart love freely to all things, to life itself.

This love has no barriers: I love the bird, the tree, the blossom, the sand on the beach, the waves of the ocean, the clouds and the rain, the clear sky and the warmth of the sun on my skin in the very same way and with the same intensity that I am able to love the other.

The need for the sexual, the need for the other, the feeling of being incomplete without this or that, has retreated to show an unending no-need within myself and all that I do. Life in every form has become a meditation. A meditation in which I am no longer separate from anyone or anything and particularly no longer separate from God, the Divine, Spirit, Existence.

It is so simple once you know it. A hint of this experience is all that is needed to set the journey going. The magic of this love's touch through Tantra Sacred Massage is my way of imparting something of this experience to you.

"That's my whole effort here: to introduce a neo-Tantra to the world, a new vision of love and the possibilities of love, and an insight into the reality of orgasm because orgasm is your greatest source of finding God, harmony, truth, the universal unity of all life. If you can be one with one woman, one man, you have the secret key in your hands. You can be one with the whole universe, with the whole cosmos."


My aim is not to satisfy, causing dependency on the massage itself, but to set you free on your own journey to this all encompassing love and to ecstasy, bliss in your life on every level. It is in this, that you will find the spiritual, no matter what your religious belief system is, no matter what your gender, your looks, your culture or your life-style is.

Ma Anand Leandra


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