Student responses

I'm sharing some of the responses I have received from students after their sessions with me. I doing so, I hope to give you an idea of the depth of the work and the process that students begin when coming to Tantra Sacred Massage. All the responses posted here are done so with the consent of the student, sometimes with changed names, to protect their personal information and sometimes the real names are used on request of the respective student. Enjoy reading the student responses.



"Hi Leandra
Had a very special experience today.Thank you so much for you're love and gentleness.Feel it will be life changing for me and look forward to future growth. Either energy was moved and/or I dealt with issues subcontiously because when I got home it felt as if I had run a marathon...thanks again for that which I cannot explain...Looking forward to next visit.
Warm regards"
Bob (52) May 2013


Message from Leandra:
In this feedback, the unimportandness of the actual climax becomes evident. Derek had to learn to accept without jugement whatever happened. Although in the session it was not an issue, the deeper meaning came to him the next morning. Sometimes not climaxing is more powerful!

"Dear Leandra, Just wanted to drop you a quick note now im back in Europe to thank you for our time together. It dawned on me the next morning when I was looking out at sea trying to clear my mind for the day, that last night wasn't a failure at all, (the fact i didn't climax) but that I found it extremely enjoyable and pleasurable, and although it would have been nice to climax, the real truth is not climaxing has taught me a much more powerful lesson, regarding being present and enjoying the moment. I could go on about trying to explain what I’m getting at but I think you already know,
I very much enjoyed being touched and touching, end result or not , it was a superb experience so thank you.”
Derek (38) September 2012

Message from Leandra:
This feedback shows what successive treatments can do for you. John is now able to orgasm for anything up to 15 minutes prior to the final climax and releasing ejaculate. With this is is not so much the physical beauty of such an orgasm, but as you can read in his words below, it is much more about the internal beauty of spiritual growth. It is such a joy to have students reaching this level of awareness. Leandra

"Dear Leandra, Thank you for the session on Sunday. Each experience advances me further along a path of transcendence that I didn't realise existed. There are no words to describe the intensity of the energy released; all senses are enhanced in a glowing celebration of what it is to be alive. Each massage increases the awareness of my physicality as an integral part of unity with the spiritual energy of the universe. I am looking forward to my next encounter on this unfolding journey”
John, (45) September 2012


Feedbacks for Ines, visiting practitioner from Berlin (March - May 2011)

"Ines gave me my first ever tantric massage this afternoon. It was an awesome experience and it definitely won't be my last. She is a lovely, warm person who put me at ease immediately and then proceeded to give me a massage that I will never forget.
Geoff (59) May 2011

"Please compliment Ines on a fantastic massage. She is a lovely person with wonderful hands. It was a fantastic experience for me. I hope to visit you again soon. Thanks and kind regards"
Harald (40) April 2011

"I met Ines yesterday; what a revelation! I have not had this wholesome experience for a very long-long time. The time spent was exquisite. I didn't know I could get to that level of relaxation and at the same time heightened excitement. I had a beautiful and peaceful week-end; which I subscribe to the wonderful treatment. Thanks for introducing her to Cape Town.I look forward to having some time with her in the future."
Pete (38) April 2011

Feedbacks for Roger who started working with Tantra Sacred Massage in Cape Town towards the end of 2010 (Please note: Roger no longer does this work)

"I booked a session with Roger not knowing what to expect from him as a person and from the session. I found a person whom I trusted immediately and who made me felt like a special person. I had the freedom to be honest and open in all emotional and physical contact. It started the process for me to enjoy emotional and physical contact again. I am looking forward to explore this awareness even futher. I thank you, Namaste.."
Dennis (49 ) March 2011

"Dear Leandra, This is the promised report-back of this morning's massage session with Roger. I jokingly said to you that I would give him a rating out of ten - and after the massage I said to him that he deserved a 15. I can truly and honestly say that this was maybe the most wonderful tactile experience of my whole life and cannot even compare to anything that I have received before. And more than that - Roger seems a very nice person too. Thank you, thank you - you have been a marvellous teacher to him. It is really an experience I would like to repeat again and will contact you when I have free time. With warm wishes and a last thank you to you and Roger for a beautiful experience"
Philip (71) February 2011

"Dear Leandra, Thank you and once again thank you for our session on Monday morning. I am still experiencing a feeling of serene bliss and at the same time feeling incredibly invigorated. Long may it last!!!! I have already accomplished a great deal, far more than I would have previously. The session definitely opened the door for my continued spiritual journey. Looking to the future with extreme optimism. Am practicing the breathing exercises and slowly getting the hang of it. The session with you was an incredible experience. I therefore, would love to experience a 4 hands massage later this year. Possibly when one of your overseas facilitators are here. I will keep in contact and keep you abreast of my progress with my spiritual journey. Very kindest regards,..."
Barry (69) January 2011


(This poem was sent to me by a female student on the event of my birthday.)

"God gave a gift to the world when you were born -
a person who loves, who cares, who sees a person’s need and fills it,
who encourages and lifts people up, who spends energy on others rather than herself,
someone who touches each life she enters, and makes a difference in the world,
because ripples of kindness flow outward as each person you have touched, touches others.
Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday, because you are a special treasure for all that you’ve done.
May the love you have shown to others return to you, multiplied.
I wish you the happiest of birthdays, and many, many more,
so that others have time to appreciate you
as much as I do."
Maria (45) October 2010

"Thank you so much for all the teachings, advice and knowledge you shared with us in the couple’s workshop. I was very delighted and glad when my wife did participate whole heartedly with every aspect of the workshop with your skilful guidance. This workshop was a tremendous boost for our relationship and Marianne now is helping me very enthusiastically with the planning of and collecting the goodies to change our bedroom into the sacred space for our weekly 2 to 3 hour sessions" Barry & Marianne (51/48 - married for 26 years) September 2010

"Thank you again for a lovely time last week, again a visit not to forget! You have the remarkable talent to keep the conversation going and at the same time to introduce the calming effect of meditation. Time after time after my visit to you I feel very relaxed, and well in such a pleasant way which I have never felt before. You are a good judge of human character and you are really highly gifted!!"
George (63) September 2010

"THANK YOU for having me on that Thursday. I really enjoyed the session. If the world had more people like you it would be a better place, you do make a difference in a very special and unique way. The experience has definitely taken me a step forward to achieving what I have been searching for and never thought existed. It has improved my life from the current situation to making me feel more confident and valuable. I have now realized my purpose. You treated me as if I am very important and because of you I am important. GOD BLESS YOU for heaving time to listen to me and guide me. I will remember your homework and please keep me posted."
Anne (51) July 2010

" I don't think I am going to go for a tantric massage in Berlin any more, this is the real thing!"
Bernt (47) July 2010 (a visitor from Germany after a 4-handed massage on the futon with Leandra and Samantha)

"Dear Leandra, Just a personal note to thank you for an unforgetable first experience, you opened a new world for me. It is difficult for me to find the correct worthing, your are a master in this field (!), and I can only say that the dream and meditation carries on like a "song without words”. I was privileged to have you as my teacher and I look forward to repeat this again. Love and greetings..."
Gordon (62) May 2010

"Greetings Ma Leandra, Just to thank u again for ur loving and careing energy shared with me. It has left a lasting impression on me. The journy I have embarked upon is beautiful and I do believe self discovery and tenderness will be some of the awakenings on my path. Im am truly blessed that u started me off on my path."
Ryan (45) February 2010

"Thanks. great experience, ... wonderful, divine!"
Reiner (52) January 2010

"I will never forget the wonderful session I had with you on the South Coast! Very warm regards - and my kindest wishes"
Peter (49) May 2010


"It is always a pleasure coming down to your place having all these beautiful sessions with you as always, also the session with Nidhana and Lisa, we must always continue that wonderful journey that I started with you since August 2007 you where still in Southbroom at that time, I am highly blessed to have such beautiful exposure."
Mishan (45) October 2009

"I would like to thank you and Lisa for the great time I had today.... It was very informative and a totally new experience... I would most certainly make a booking again..."
Mac (34) June 2009

"Dear Leandra, This quote by Joseph Campbell describes how I experience spending time with you, Lisa and Flora: "People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life... I think that what we’re really seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonance within our innermost being and reality, so that we can actually feel the rapture of being alive."
Bernhard (48) November 2009

"Leandra, he time that I spent with yourself and Lisa allowed for the cares and concerns of the world to evaporate and provided an exquisite opportunity for pure and simple escape. Whenever I reflect on this experience, I am continually amazed that Lisa knew where I was in my life and what I needed and she provided for these deeper needs in a way that was filled with care and compassion. For someone to do this for a complete stranger is just amazing. She seemed to be so utterly grounded and so completely at ease in her own body that it allowed her to do this. On reflection, I have learnt from her what our sensuality can and should be. Afterwards, you wrote me a long email supporting and encouraging me. You seem to have a wonderfully giving spirit and you represent the type of person that I would like to be. I think that in the meeting of minds, there can be a tremendous sensual energy created that transcends our physical attributes. In my minds eye, both you and Lisa are highly desirable woman because your spirit shines through your bodies, glows, and radiates outwards to the world. Who then would not want to be hold that spirit and bring it pleasure? Not forever mind you, and never in a possessive way, but almost as an act of worship for what the human spirit is capable of in an otherwise depressing world."
Robert (45) September 2009

Saheer (58) March 2009

I was thrilled when I received the following email from Anka yesterday. I had worked with her and her partner when they lived in southern Africa. Back in Berlin, Anka wanted to continue her the tantric path she had begun with me and together we found the school where she registered for a Year Group called "The Path of Love" (6 weekend retreats per year plus a summer intensive in a closed group). I love what she writes about the combination of spiritual, emotional and physical work the shool offers. This is exactly what tantric training is about,it is what modern day Tantra (Neo Tantra) is about.

"Liebe Leandra, It looks like your school is growing - I'm impressed!!! I've just returned from a tantric weekend. I'm presently doing the 2nd year of the so-called "Weg der Liebe" and will definetly do the third year as well - I'm hooked ;-) But it's not only or mainly the physical aspect of the tantric work that inspires me, but the combination of spiritual, emotional and physical work. And work is not the right word, really, because even though some of the experiences are painful or difficult, it's never "work" as we normally understand the word. I'm really grateful to you, my first Tantric teacher so to speak. Without you I wouldn't be where I am today :-) Sure, I was guided by my own innate wisdom and by grace, but meeting you made a big difference in my life! This summer I'm planning to do a Tantric Summer Intensive in Korfu with my teachers Frank and Michaele. I was just thinking how lovely it would be to return to South Africa for a holiday and sessions/ workshops with you. Wouldn't it be an idea to organize something like that on the KZN south coast?! Best wishes, and if ever you are coming to Germany or Austria for a visit, by all means, please let me know! I'd love to see you again, and you are more than welcome to stay with me! Big hug."
Anka (37) Germany April 2009 (Anka's Tantra School)

"Hi Leandra, Once again thank you for an awesome evening, sharing your knowledge and wisdom with Patricia and myself. When we arrived home we spent another hour and a half talking about our experience and only went to bed at 2:30 this morning. We will be in touch, may you have a safe journey back to your home in KZN and we pray that you will be richly blessed for the amazing work you are doing."
Barry & Patricia (52, 40) February 09

"Hi Leandra I hope this finds you well. Sorry it has taken me so long to email you but we have been a bit busy after our wonderful time spent with you. I just wanted to say thank you so much. You were wonderful and I really appreciate everything you did for us. We have been practicing loads!!! You made us feel so comfortable and you have such a wonderful presence around you. I can see that this is not a job for you but a passion and am very greatfull that we met. I hope we meet again."
Clive & Jenny (44, 41) October 2009

"Hi Leandra, I have just been to your website and spend a good couple of hours reading all the new articles and updates. It is amazing how blessed you are in the work that you are doing especially if you read the student responses. I had a heart attack earlier this year and had to undergo a triple emergency bypass. You cannot imagine how much better I am feeling these days. While I was in hospital and afterwards I spend hours using the Tantric breathing meothods that you teach - it was amazing how this assisted in the heeling process. When I went back for my checkup after the op the doctors was amazed at my progress and the way I have healed, even so much that they told me that I only need to come back in a years’ time for a check up. I'll contact you one of these days for a session in order to update myself - it will have to be a one day session because knowing the two of us we will spend a lot of time talking."
Rusty (52, January 2009

"Hi Leandra, Just thought I'd touch base and let you know how things are going. have been trying to incorporate some of the things we talked about into my life... in a fairly haphazard way. But have found that the breathing has started to happen on its own, and that relaxing into the feelings is fabulous, and that I can orgasm that way without having to clench everything. I got together with Pete again, and it was altogether a delightful experience. Good to really open up and be free in a way that I was starting to suspect I could only do on my own. I felt my heart chakra opening and expanding and my whole body becoming one enormous erogenous zone! I didn't have an orgasm, but for the first time I didn't feel that id lost out....I hope you're well. and thank you again for everything."
Trish ( 35) January 2009

"Dear Leandra, Thank you four new year’s wishes and especially for sharing your New Year’s message letter relating to circumstances and your thoughts of the last year. Reading through it, I immediately thought about an image of a photo that I took during December and if you’d accept I’d like to send you that with a few words as my New Year’s message to you. The photo is of a couple of candles surrounded by darkness. The light from the flames taking up much less space in the photo than the surrounding darkness, but without the flames the photo would have been a black square, very much the same in meaning had the computer monitor been switched off. In your passion and work see the light as you making a difference to some, instead of no-one at all. With you doing it, even without assistants, there is light breaking the dark and making a difference to those that you do reach. Enjoy your meaningful 2009."
Gary (45) January 2009


"I wanted to thank you again for a magical experience. I am still reeling from the session and I have told at least three friends of mine about my experience. All three of them are keen on having a session with you as well. I feel so carefree, light hearted and positive. Those are sensations / feelings I have not experienced in a really long time. I an freeing my mind and that feels excellent. I really had a fabulous experience and I am glad that I had the opportunity of meeting you. I would like to have another session in July sometime…. "
Vanessa (34) June 08

"Hi Leandra, I hope you are well - a visit to your site, always inspiring, continues to show that all are benefiting by your unselfish guidance, therapy, and tuition. I look forward to being with you again shortly. Take care."
Vickus (55) June 08

I want to share the message below that I received from a male student of mine. He describes what I so often hear - namely that sharing sexual intimacy with his wife has come to a standstill for quite some time and how bad this makes him feel about himself. Our country is so sexually repressed, and there are many, many women out there who have great difficulty finding and opening up to their sexuality as well as some men. This is causing havoc in individual lives. Some people avoid relationships all together, others suffer in the relationships and marriages they are in. I am posting this here to give you an idea of the hurt and pain involved in unfulfilled sexual intimacy and as an encouragement to those of you who are experiencing this. Don't let your souls die.

"Thanks for the encouragement you always give. I definitely need a good chat. On the self loving side ... I kind of fell out of the habit of doing that. I need to focus on that again when we chat. I caught myself in the act of just existing and loosing a sense of sensuality or sexual existence for quite some time on end. I was shocked when I, one day, realised what was happening and promised myself that I will not let my soul die. And thank God there are people like you who I can turn to, to make sure that this doesn't happen."
Hendrik (35) May 08

"A lot of firsts for me this afternoon. A tantric massage with hot oil, prostate and lingam massage. Long before the end I could feel the prickling of energy dancing across my upper chest and shoulders, ending with probably one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced. When it started, I was completely relaxed, the most I have ever been in a similar situation. It began in my chest, spreading to my whole upper body, which went into involuntary convulsions. It also felt as if it went on for far longer than the usual length of time. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you again for the two sessions I could have with you. I can feel that there is much more for me to learn here."
Rene (52) May 08

"It seems that your practise is going very well and that interest in tantra is growing. I think that your focus and dedication is wonderful and that you are making a material change in the karmic balance in South Africa."
Rob (50) April 08

"Namaste Ma Leandra, You have a deep connection with the divine. I feel it in your voice and in your presence. I am grateful to share these moments with you and wish to get a deeper understanding of divinity through you. I felt invigorated and alive during that first session and have since embarked on a journey which is opening new doors and I feel it appropriate to journey deeper and explore my real self. You are a shining example. I am truly blessed to be in your presence. Your grace awes me."
Sam, Feb. 08

"Hi Leandra, Just thought I’d write and say thanks for opening my eyes top a whole new way of looking at myself."
Len 31., Feb. 08

"Some very good responses from students on your site - both refer to "waves" - methinks the word tsunami would be much more befitting ! I certainly felt this and have done so more on each and every session. Looking forward to seeing you again…."
Vickus 55, Nov.07

"Dear Leandra, I just want to say a big THANK YOU again for the wonderful experience, it was truly amazing and such an eye opener for me. I can't believe what I've been "missing" all these years. Although it didn't unlock any emotional issues for me on this occasion, this experience has shown me that there are sides to me that I'm unaware of yet and that makes my journey for personal growth and enlightenment so much more important and worthwhile.
I hope that we can share many more experiences together in the future. You are a wonderful teacher and after the initial jitters and insecurities had disappeared, I felt totally comfortable with you and felt that every word you spoke was valuable and had some kind of relationship to the way I feel.
I still can’t really explain in words the way I felt last night but to use one of your analogies …” WHAT A WAVE! I NEVER KNEW THAT I COULD SURF….”
Moris 42, Nov 07

"Dear Leandra, Thank you very much for helping e unlock a part of me I never thought existed. I am so grateful for your taking an interest in what I had to say and especially for sharing your experiences as well with me. You have encouraged me into believing in myself knowing that I am able to achieve whatever it is my mind is set on. I am looking forward to your next healing sessions."
Sandra, 45 Aug. 07

The response below is from a young married couple from Russia, in their early twenties. They came to my home on the Kwa/Zulu-Natal South Coast,where I was at the time still running a small self-catering Guest House for a weekend get-a-way. They had booked the 8-hour private Couple's Workshop and we divided the work over the whole weekend. In his email, Salvador is responding to the weekend and to my journal entry of 28th April 2007. Rosanna wrote almost a year later - her short message is below his.

"Hi Leandra, I really enjoyed your latest message on your website and reading about all the latest developments. It’s great to see that you are so active and productive! About the 'turning wheel:

In my childhood I was familiar with my 'witness'. I used to think up meditations that I would do at sunset every day and through them I became familiar with 'stilling my mind' and looking inside until I found the 'spark' with which I came into the world. At one point I had a particular name for this 'essence'; a colour, a sound, but now I've forgotten. I do remember the emotion that was there and it was one of completeness, harmony and love. I came into the world wishing it well.

At about the time just before I met Rosanna I completely lost this sense of me. I felt a huge loss, but I didn't even know why (I just thought it was the absence of the sea and not being able to surf for eight hours a day). Luckily I pushed through and now it is slowly all coming back.

It's true isn't it, that most people are simply actors in their own and others' melodramas. We are all victims of our own conditioning. Both society and we ourselves constrained our minds incredibly and the end result is that we become like ships lost in the turbulent seas of our emotions.

What I didn't realise before was exactly how insidious and how pervasive our thought-patterns are. Yoga shows you that action originates in thought, and strikingly Jesus had a similar view, saying that we should go beyond action and strive to cut out the roots of our evil thoughts. With a bit of effort we can cleanse our minds of negative energy and so we gain control of our development and start a positive process of spiritual growth, with increasing love and kindness for the world and ourselves. I think that all faiths contain this inherent possibility, that they can help us merge with 'God' within us, and then we will see that 'God' is also in the world and that both are one. Indeed all dualisms and the agony of separation are then overcome.

But it is so hard helping others to find their 'witness' isn't it? Especially if they are not seeking it. I suppose that it is a journey that each must undertake at their own pace (why the ancient Indians didn't have any 'missionary zeal'!) Luckily for me Rosanna is also striving to hold on to her witness and to help her 'witness' grow. It takes a huge strain off our relationship, but at the same time I see the value of the period of my life when I had to confront my own emotions, and then just let them go and look inwards once more. And in a big way the process for Rosanna, and the remembering for me, started that weekend with you. Hope you continue to do such great work for a long time to come!"
Salvador (24) 2007

"I wanted to say thank you for introducing me and Salvador to tantra, which had such a profound impact on us and on me. I can now see the big difference that it has made in our lives."
Rosanna (28) 2008