Tantra Sacred Massage™ Training

The first formal training in authentic tantric massage in South Africa 

This training is facilitated by the Durga Tantra School and takes place in 3 modules.
It is open to all, whether you want to qualify professionally or use the training for personal growth. Those wishing to be certified as Tantra Sacred Massage™ practitioners will complete a supervised practicum after completing the training. Finally a practical and oral assessment will take place.
You are then fully qualified to either join the Tantra Sacred Massage™ affiliates team or to open your own practice. In Cape Town you can work from their premises in Harfield Village (Claremont).

Trainer: Ma Anand Leandra, sometimes assisted by other professionals or advanced students. For more info, go to About Leandra and More on Leandra

Dates & Training details: For more information about the training follow this link...

General information about this work


In it's very essence Tantra is a yoga - the yoga of presence i.e. becoming aware or conscious of what is going on in your body, emotions, and thoughts, and to accept whatever is arising in the moment without judgment. Sexual energy and our expression of personal sexuality is included in the tantric concept of the body, and of life in general. Tantra can therefore be seen as a reconciliation of sexuality and spirituality.

Originating in what is now modern India, Tantra is at least 5000-7000 or more years old, pre-dating and influencing both Hinduism and Buddhism. All world religions have subsequently had a tantric past which was always destroyed by main-stream fundamentalists of each religion. The result is that many religions believe you can have either physical pleasure or spiritual growth, but not both. Tantra disagrees entirely. Physical and sensual pleasure is understood as the key to our spiritual growth; without one, you can’t have the other.

Many modern forms therapy understand that trauma, (e.g. grief and pain, embarrassment, physical or emotional abuse etc. is stored in our body as a body memory. The effect of these memories, are blockages – repression and limitations - which continue throughout our life, reducing our emotional and physical well-being, inhibiting our energy, limiting our expression of sexuality in one or another way. The genitals are the part of the body that hold these memories the longest, for the simple reason that the genitals are not touched in any of our modern forms of therapy. By working directly with sexual energy and through a healing touch of the genitals, Tantra and particularly tantric massage is able to assist in freeing our mind, body and spirit of these blockages, enabling healing and re-integration of all aspects of self, including sexuality.

Central to Tantra is the understanding that sexual energy is our life force, and that the universe and humans as individuals are all filled with the same energy. Therefore any repression of this energy leaves us unbalanced and damaged.

In order to become whole, in order to grow and blossom as adults, these blockages and repressions need clearing from both our physical and psychic systems. One thing that most religions agree on is the fact that we are more than our physical body. The understanding in Tantra is that there is actually no separation between our physical body and that which is more than the body. In fact, there is no separation between us and others, between us and the world around us, between us and all of existence. Tantra is a non-dualist understanding of the world.

Tantra rejects the repressive, moralistic, and self-denying code of living propounded by many religions and cultures, where our body’s sexual or sensual needs are met with guilt, more guilt, repression, denial and punishment. When attention is paid to bodily needs, it’s usually aimed at avoidance, for example of disease or pregnancy. Little attention is paid to the development and expansion of our body’s sensuality and there is no teaching that shows us how to embrace and value it – other than Tantra.

Tantra Sacred Massage™ teaches exactly this: how to embrace and value your sensual self, the whole of your body including your sexuality and in so doing experience something of who we really are and our relationship to the Divine.

Tantra Sacred Massage™ works with the innate body energy, the Chakras (particularly the main seven Chakras on the front of the body, and the Kundalini energy situated at the bottom of the back. This powerful spirit energy "lives” in our Base Chakra, situated in the perineum between our legs. Once released, it rises through our system. If dormant, our knowledge and experience of life is limited. If aroused and moved upwards through the chakras, it allows the natural spiritual growth we should be experiencing.

Recent scientific research confirms a generalised electromagnetic current around our body and that all tissue and each individual organ, such as the Heart and the Brain also generates an individual impulse. There a link between this comparatively recent research and the Chakra system. The Chakras are like spinning wheels of energy, spiraling throughout our body, where the various aspects and levels of our ‘being’ are merged. When these energy centers function properly we are able to experience life at a different, higher level. Factors such as lifestyle, conditioning, repression, guilt, diet, prevent them from fully functioning. Once they’re ‘clogged’ we become sluggish, under-performing and our expression of sexual energy extremely limited.

Another word for Tantra is Sacred Sexuality or Spiritual Sexuality. Everyone has their own definition of what is "spiritual" and "sacred" is but most of us agree it refers to something wonderful, loving, joyous, and transcendent – something beyond us. And yet in Tantra we find that it is within us as well. In Tantra we reclaim our sexual energy as a sacred. We heal the split between body and spirit.

Tantra Sacred Massage™ is a reclaiming of the body, mind and sprit to own this as ones own. This leads to inner freedom - freedom to celebrate your body, your sexuality, and your desires: freedom from fear, from guilt and shame; freedom to breathe and feel deeply; freedom to be fully present in the Now with ecstatic joy; freedom to be ecstatic and joyous about life.

For the massage guest, a Tantra Sacred Massage™ session is an experiential, learning experience as well as a deeply relaxing and at the same time invigorating, sensual and empowering massage that follows a set routine, within which there is much scope for creativity and the special personal approach of the practitioner.

The sequence for each massage session is the same:

1.) The session begins with tea and a chat to get to know each other and discuss the client’s motivation for and aim of the session.
2.) The client is taught the Tantric Breathing technique. Conscious breathing is by far the most important aspect of a tantric massage.
3.) The massage itself, either on the futon or on the massage table lasts 90 – 120 minutes
4.) The client rests and then takes a shower
5.) The session ends with a final chat and the issuing of homework .

Dring the massage, the entire body it touched including the pelvic, anal and genital areas whereby the body energy is worked with and moved towards the heart chakra. The touch is a soft, slow, and gentle stroking of the body from the bottom upwards and is not limited to the use of the hands only. The body of the practitioner can also be used for holding, stroking, sliding, and touching. Both practitioner and client are naked whereby the client is passive throughout the massage, with the exception of when "Grounding with Mother Nature” is required and the client’s hands are placed somewhere on the body of the practitioner for this purpose.

The massage is deeply relaxing and meditative and can lead the client into what can be described as a powerful and deep "erotic trance” or meditative state where healing, bliss, ecstasy, and Divine love can be experienced.

A Tantra Sacred Massage practitioner is not an escort and does not offer sexual services. There is no sexual interaction with the client. Tantra sacred Massage can be given as a therapeutic intervention in its own right or as a particularly powerful complement to other forms of therapy.

Motivation for Tantra Sacred Massage

The motivation for men, women and couples to seek out Tantra Sacred Massage are too numerous to mention all, here are a few main themes that are not separate in them selves, but weave into each other:
- Sexual healing
- The joy of receiving
- Exploring new territory
- Connecting spirit and sexuality
- Pleasure without a goal
- Creating a new Pleasure Map
- Working with a same gender practitioner


Couples come to Tantra Sacred Massage™ often because they have lost the zest in their sexuality or because they are battling with sexual difficulties. Couples learn to honour and pleasure their partners in new ways. A Tantra Sacred Massage™ couples workshop is a deliciously fun way to deepen and enliven your intimate relationship.

A message to prospective students

A Personal Journey

The nature of Tantra is experiential. It is not something you can learn from a lecture or a book or by watching a DVD. This can only give us ideas and hints, and Tantra needs to be, has to be experienced. The training is a combination of talks, reading, being touched and massaging as well as touching and massaging the other.

Each personal development in Tantra - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - is totally unique. In Tantra we call it a journey or "riding the tantric tiger”. The practical training sessions stipulated in the training program is the minimum required in order to experience and learn the techniques of Tantra Sacred Massage. The personal journey cannot be stipulated as this will vary from student to student. There is therefore an element to this training that has to be left open. One student will feel confident with the minimum amount of practical training, another will want and require more.

Each student needs to understand that the assessment after the minimum amount of practical training sessions is necessary to allow both student and trainer to assess what is still necessary and willing to do what is still required. Tantra Sacred Massage requires practitioners as a result of the high demand of people coming to Tantra. We have a strong interest in getting the student out there doing the work. There will not be any unnecessary delaying of this on our part.

Working part time in the Tantra Sacred Massage practice

Tantra Sacred Massage offers positions as a team member in Johannesburg, Cape Town and on the Durban South Coast. Tou can however after completion of the training set you your own practice using the qualification Certified Tantra Sacred Massage Practitioner.

Membership of Organisations

  • Member of Tantra Sacred Massage practice
  • National Institute of Tantra South Africa (NITSA)
  • International Institute of Tantra 
  • International Association of Sexual Educators, Councelors & Therapists (IASECT)


Tantra Sacred Massage™ holds a high standard of tantric work and tantric work ethics. This is the first professional tantric training embracing the full meaning of Tantra and the sacred practice of tantric massage, being offered in South Africa at this stage. Since ancient times, Tantra has been a teaching imparted by a guru or a trainer to the student. This is a very basic of tantric standards and ethics world-wide - having a personal teacher supporting you on your journey. . Untrained teachers have never experienced what it is like to open up totally to a stranger showing and sharing the most vulnerable aspects of their being. In order to understand this, one has to have experienced the process through a teacher. The ethical standard is high.

Let us together grow this wonderful and profound practice, this enchanting spiritual path in the best professional possible here in South Africa.
Ma Anand Leandra