Tantra Sacred Massage

Tantra Sacred Massage is a sensual, healing massage which takes place in a ritualised form and given in an atmosphere of reverence and respect. It is a loving massage given from the heart to the heart. You are welcomed and accepted as you are, no matter what your looks are, your culture sexual orientation or your faith.

Tantra Sacred Massage
works with the innate body energy, the chakras on the front of the body and the Kundalini on the back. Sexual energy, understood as life's force, is moved upwards, generally from the base chakra to the heart chakra on the front of the body and from the base of the spine up the back.

"Our senses are the bridge between our consciousness and our world, yet few of us develop our full sensual potential.
Tantra celebrates the senses and is the ultimate expression of sensual touch.
Tantric massage teaches you this ancient art of touch, which will allow you to extend your lovemaking skills, deepen your connection with others and advance personal growth through cultivation of sexual energy"
Ron Solo

Every part of the body is touched, as Tantra includes everything and does not exclude anything. In addition to being extremely relaxing and sensual, negative self-images and feelings including past sexual and other hurts, can be melted away by the loving touch you receive in this massage. Experiencing this massage can have a healing effect. As the body holds memories, negative experiences make themselves known through various problems and discomforts of the body. Tantra is not a medicine and does not eliminate medical consultation for such problems. What it does however, is heal or transform through the experience of loving tantric touch and in doing so, negative manifestations on the body as well as the emotional level are able to melt away, making you physically, spiritually and emotionally a more balanced person. 

Tantra Sacred Massage also addresses various sexual problems (lack of sexual energy, pre-mature ejaculation, erection difficulties, the lack of orgasms, over- or desensitized G-spot etc.), as well as sexual hurt. Various enhancing aspects to your sexuality can be learnt (e.g. expanded orgasms, full body orgasms etc.). The massage can result in orgasm, this is however not the aim of the massage.

Often results are felt after a single session, however repeated sessions will allow a deepening of the experience, a slow transformation of your being and also teach you what Tantra is about. Over a series of sessions, which take place over a period of time and in a frequency you determine, a mutually trusting working relationship is able to grow.

A massage session always begins with getting to know each other over tea and a chat. You will have time to ask questions and you will be asked what you expect from the massage, thus setting the boundaries of how far the massage goes. Your boundaries will always be respected. We then open the practical session with a short welcoming ritual, eye-gazing and learning tantric breathing. You experience the massage passively throughout, the focus being on your experience and enjoyment. Under certain circumstances, grounding with mother earth is required and for this purpose touching will be allowed. This is not comparable with an erotic encounter however, as it is your needs, your benefit, your grounding which is being addressed.

You get all the time you need. The massage itself is 90 - 120 minutes in duration. There is period of resting afterwards which is important for the body and mind to assimilate the experience. The massage venue is warmly decorated with soft lighting, candles and incense in order to create a sacred space.

 I am passionate about Tantra Sacred Massage. You receive my loving attention throughout the massage. I concentrate completely on your inner movements and the changes in your energy.

"Tantra is lived Love"
Klaus Smedts

I have had the pleasure and been richly blessed by two intensive massage trainings with experienced trainers: one in Germany with Klaus Smedts of the Wellness Bodywork Massage School in Wuppertal, and more recently, here in South Africa with the visiting international Tantra Coach and tantric touch specialist from Australia, Ron Solo. It is with their blessings that I practice what they have taught me. Their methods are traditional and similar and yet different and I am incorporating both these approaches into my work.
Namaste, Leandra

There two main forms of Tantra Sacred Massage: the body-to-body massage given on a futon mattress and the feathers & fur massage given on a special wide, leather massage table. Both include hot oil and are beautiful, sensual healing experiences.

Tantric Touch Massage - Ron Solo's traditional massage

Given on a massage table, and using feathers and fur in addition to a gentle hot oil body massage with the hands and arms, this is a deeply sensual and relaxing experience which stimulates and sensitizes your skin and your whole body. The massage given on the massage table enables working on the front and the back of the body simultaneously. The body is "held" creating a positive-negative effect between the hands and arms of the masseur. It is possible for this massage to release deep emotions and if this is the case, you will be gently guided through this. My over 20 years of psychotherapeutic work in expressive therapies offers an excellent background for this. Tantric touch is given and received naked.

Hot Oil Body to Body Massage - traditional German Tantra massage

This is a full body, hot-oil massage given on a futon mattress which begins with a period of relaxation in which the body is gently stretched and touched. The massage is given and received naked, so that the flow of energy is not disturbed by clothes. Rhythmical, stroking movements from the feet up the legs and torso and down the arms to the hands, are repeated many times. This involves body to body contact with traditional sliding movements up and down the body. You remain passive throughout the massage. Because of the level of intimacy involved in this massage, it is necessary to hold a respectful atmosphere on both sides. I respect you and expect you to respect me.

Lingam, yoni & healing anal massage

These are optional extras that can be (and usually are) incorporated into the full body massage. We also offer them as seperate massage sessions. (See Massage Menu & Rates for details). In addition to the healing aspect of these massages, these Taoist Tantra massages address all sexual difficulties and you will be taught techniques for practicing at home in order to improve your sexual and orgasmic capabilities. More than this, these massages can heal sexual hurt in a holistic way. All these massages are given in a warm, loving atmosphere and include tantric breathing techniques and an awakening the sexual energy on the back and front of the body as well as a massage of the inner thighs. The massages are about 60 minutes in duration and ends with a period of resting. These massages can result in orgasm, this is however not the aim of the massage. Please note: these are sensual, healing massages, not erotic massages - the difference being that an erotic massage aims for completion (orgasm, with ejaculation for the male), whereas the tantrric massage does not.
Lingam is the Sanskrit work for penis, yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina. In Tantra we use lingam to mean the male genitals, and yoni to mean the female genitals. The lingam and yoni massages are genuine, gentle massages of these areas and not simply releasing built up energy. They last about 30 minutes as part of the full body massage.

The Lingam Massage

The male genitals, including the scrotum are massaged using a large variety of strokes and grips. The usual practice of stimulation is avoided in order to sensitize the lingam. A relaxing of the buttocks is taught and together with the tantric breathing technique, it is possible to experience a different and expanded orgasm. This healing massage for the male is not comparible to normal masturbation practices or an erotic massage where some practices are quite rough, with fast up and down movements. Here, the lingam is approached with great gentleness and soft touching and this, coupled with the tantric breathing technique, enables the receiver to relax more and throughout the period of orgasm.

The Yoni Massage 

Yoni (pronounced YO-NEE) is a Sanskrit word for the vagina that is loosely translated as "Sacred Space" or "Sacred Temple". Its meaning and use is an alternative perspective from the Western view of the female genitals, where words of description (e.g. pussy, cunt etc.) are usually not complimentary. In Tantra, the Yoni is seen from a perspective of love and respect.
The female genitals are softly massaged, including the labia, clitoris, vagina and G-spot. The vagina, being the sexual organ of the woman (and not the clitoris), is said to hold the memories of the female, sexual hurt can thus be embraced and transformed. The massage of the G-spot helps effectively to sensitize or to desensitize this area of the vagina, depending on what it needed. Thus the massage technique will vary from woman to woman. Orgasm is not the goal but can be pleasant and welcome side effect. When orgasm does occur it is usually more expanded, and satisfying. The Yoni Massage is a deeply relaxing and transforming massage which enables the receiver to embrace her gender and sexuality in a deeper way than perhaps previously experienced. It assists in building a feeling of greater self- intimacy and trust. Healing anal massage.

The healing anal massage

The anus is an area of the body that is often totally avoided, while for some people, it an area of intense erotic pleasure. The memories held here often go back to the early childhood period of potty training. It is therefore an area of control and "holding on", the extent of which this negatively affects the individual can be felt in the anal muscles during the massage. This very specialised massage can therefore help to relax the anal muscles and assist in releasing hidden issues of control and fear.

The healing anal massage is not comparable to a medical examination. It is given gently and slowly with lubricant, and given only as far as the body will naturally allow. The lingam or yoni are usually stimulated somewhat during this massage, as this supports a pleasant experiencing of the massage and assists in relaxing the anal walls. For the male, the massage includes a massage of the prostate gland, which in itself is beneficial to prostrate health. The anus is said to hold the memories of the male (the anus being the actual sexual organ of the male due to the position of the prostate gland). This massage can therefore assist in releasing these memories. Sexual hurt in the male can also addressed and transformed here.


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