General Massage in Cape Town - Derek

Dereck  is a deep tissue massage therapist with many complimentary skill-sets which include subtle techniques that go very deep, generally with very little pain and always within your pain tolerance. He has great talent for Massage and is naturally gifted with strong healing hands and the ability to work both deep tissue and gentle soothing strokes. Derek has over 5 years experience in Holistic Massage after initially training with the School Of Lifestyle Medicine & Mellow therapies. He has worked for 5 star hotels, massage parlours, sports massage companies & sporting several sporting events .

Dereck's specialty is in applying firm therapeutic massage strokes, as well as releasing muscle adhesions in the body via trigger point techniques. He combines all his unique massage techniques in such a way that it targets all the muscles in your body, making it by far one of the most thorough massages you’ll ever have. Whether it’s helping you to relax or promoting relief from chronic pain, his massage is always gratifying and very effective.

Dereck loves the power of touch and enjoys seeing his clients happy. He loves being able to make a difference in the lives of his clients through touch.

Dereck  works with a combination of Holistic Massage, deep tissue Swedish Massage, sports massage, Thai foot reflexology.
He is currently training in Tantra Sacred Massage™ with Ma Anand Leandra whose personal massage therapist he is. She recommends him highly.

General Massage Menu

* 60 minute back, shoulder & neck massage for specific and chronic neck, shoulder and back problems - R450
* 90 minute full body holistic combination master piece massage for complete relaxation of body and mind -  R650
* 30 minute lingam massage for men, an add-on for men, offering a relaxing climax to the full body massage - (R200)

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Tantra Sacred Massage™

Dereck was introduced to Tantra in 2014 by Ma Anand Leandra. He first decided to take up Tantra as a self-finding path, but subsequently, after lots of encouragement from Ma Leandra, has whom he calls his mother figure and mentor, he participated in the Tantra Sacred Massage™ Module 1 practitioner training and began his completed his practicum in September 2015.
Derek says: "Through Tantra I am finding my own personal path and I have had some wonderful experiences in life unlike before. I would love to impart, share & help others to discover the true meaning of life through Tantra"

* 120 minute full body, hot oil massage including lingam (men) and yoni (women) if wanted - R1000

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