About Dereck (Cape Town)

Dereck is an holistic, deep tissue massage therapist, originally from Zimbabwe, and came to Tantra through Ma Anand Leandra whose personal massage therapist he is. She encouraged him to participate in module I of Tantra Sacred Massageā„¢ practitioner training which he did in February 2015. It took some months before he felt ready for this training, but when he was, he went into it whole heartedly.

Leandra says of him: "he has great talent for Massage and is naturally gifted with strong, warm and healing hands and the ability to work both deep tissue and gentle soothing strokes."

A naturally shy person, with a classical Christian background, participating in this training was a huge stretch for him. The idea of offering a massage naked was not something he thought he could do, but during the training, it became so natural to him that it was "quite normal and actually really comfortable". One of the aspects of the tantric work that he needed to learn was a much gentler touch than in his deep tissue massages. In order to learn that it was required to experience it as well. Dereck found this quite profound and it had a changing influence on him.

He loves touch and finds it a very powerful tool to connect lovingly with people and is passionate about his deep tissue massage work as well as Tantra Sacred Massageā„¢. Since doing the training, Derek says that he is finally finding his own personal path in life. 

He says: "There have been many changes within myself and this has changed what I want from life. I have had some wonderful experiences since the training, unlike before. I would love to impart, share & help others to discover the true meaning of life through Tantra"

Dereck is Ma Anand Leandra's personal massage therapist. She has regular massages and says: " Dereck's massages are a dream! His touch is strong and can be as deep as you want it. He gives an amazing full body massage, the best ever. He is professional and creates a safe area, particularly for women who need to know that professional boundaries will be respected at all times. I cannot recommend him highly enough!"

He works with men and women. If you wish to book please click here...