News October 2016: There are currently no practitioners offering Tantra Sacred Massage™ in South Africa. After suffering severe Chronic (or Last Stage) Lyme Disease, Leandra had to stop working last year and gave up her studio in Cape Town. Anel, based in Johannesburg has also now (in September 2016) given up her affiliate work. However Leandra is in the process of starting her work again - in a changed form - from Europe where she now resides. The website will be modernised and she will be offering trainings in South Africa and Europe and online Tantra Coaching for individuals and couples. More news to follow....

Practice Founder / Director, Trainer & Tantra Coach



 Ma Anand Leandra - Cape Town
Leandra is the founder / director of the practice and personally developed the Tantra Sacred Massage™ massages. She is the only trainer in South Africa. She is German trained and pioneered tantric massage in South Africa in 2003 when she brought this aspect of tantric work home after living and training in Germany. She is to date the most experienced and qualified tantric massage specialist in South Africa and works with men, women and couples. She also offers trainings and is also the founder/director and main facilitator of the Durga Tantra SchoolMore info on Leandra




Affiliate Practitioner


Anel Moonspace - Johannesburg
Anel is an artist and bodywork healer who is passionate about her work. She came to her Tantra Sacred Massage™ practitioner training in 2013 well equipped for this work with previous experience of sexual healing work with both men and women. She works with men, women and couples.
More about Anel here...