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16th October 2016

Anel no longer offering Tantra Sacred Massage™

10th October 2016

New Beginnings...

25th January 2016

Closing of Tantra Sacred Massage practice in Cape Town... 

5th October 2015

New male practitioner working with men and women!

21st June 2015

Leandra's profile has been updated...

5th June 2015

Just updated the June Open Bookings Calendar...
Jason is now working with men.


22nd April 2015

Practitioners page updated

23rd March 2015

Introducing Dereck, our resident deep tissue massage practitioner and Tantra Sacred Massage™ trainee practitioner.


20th March 2015

Bookings going really well...


27th February 2015

Zeeka is offering practicum massages - her page has been updated with photos...

24th February 2015

Another trainee practitioner completing her practicum massages

15th February 2015

New trainee practitioners in Cape Town offering reduced massage sessions as part of their practicum.
Leandra has recovered from her major surgery last year and is seeing clients again.

15th December 2014

Scaling down, getting back to basics...

7th December 2014

Leandra is available for consultations and couple's workshops in Cape Town...
Anel Moonspace is offering Tantra Sacred Massage™ sessions in Johannesburg...


6th November 2014

This coming Sunday 4 - 6.30pmL Celebrate Tantra - Cape Town

5th November 2014

A few open spaces for bookings with Anel in Cape Town


26th October 2014

- Anel arrived in Cape Town yesterday
- Celebrate Tantra MeetUp on Sunday 2nd November


22nd October 2014

Anel Moonspace will be in Cape Town next week....

27th May 2014

Chandra available in Pretoria

23rd April 2014

New practitioner in Johannesburg & Cape Town + trainee practitioners in Pretoria

9th April 2014

New practitioner in Cape Town / small increase in our booking rates

12th March 2014
Cape Town: March schedule finally updated
1st March 2014
Visiting tantric massage practitioner from Vienna, Austria this week.
24th October 2013
New male practitioner in Cape Town: Prem Savanthika works with men and women.
24th September 2013

The Johannesburg page has been updated with the dates for bookings with Leandra

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