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Here you can find links to other websites in South Africa, Germany and other countries.

South Africa

Tantra Schools

School of Durgatantra » Leandra is the founder of this school offering weekend retreats for couple's, for singles, for women only and for men only around South africa. Rescourceful website with Tantric Lessons and more.

Tantra Massage

The Taoist Massage » Sherry practices in Johannesburg. I have had really good reports about her work and happily recommend her


Kama Sutra Lounge in Pretoria » A private couples and singles lounge in Pretoria - beautiful Kama Sutra pictures on their website, worth visiting just for that!


Website for Osho lovers in South Africa » Find out about Osho, sannyassins in South Africa, and local Osho news and Osho inspired events country wide.


South Africa Online » A South African directory that also has an holistic healing directory...

Massage Therapy

Jean Pierre Hartmann - Massage & Breathwork » Jean-Pierre’s massage studio offers a range of treatments, tailored to client’s needs. Deep tissue massage, Lomi l Lomi massage, Osho Rebalancing and Inspirational Breathwork, are provided in a comfortable, soothing environment, to ensure targeted and effective therapy. I know Jean-Pierre personally and he is a lovely person and I highly recommend him. For those seeking something close to tantric massage, I recommend the Lomi Lomi massage which is very nurturing. Leandra
South Africa's Massage Therapy network - The Magic of Touch » Find massage therapists country wide. All kinds of massage therapy including adult and tantra


Sensual Photography South Africa » Sensual photography of women in all their diversity of emotion, power, and beauty - a tribute to women and their natural beauty, charm and voluptuous curves. A celebration of women from all walks of life, of all ages and all body types. This is beautiful work and therefore it's included in our links section.


Tantra Schools

Secret Of Tantra, Berlin » Silvio Wirth and Mara Fricke-Wirth do not only teach Tantra, they live Tantra on a daily basis. I was fortunate to meet Mara in ZEGG, Bad Belzig, outside of Berlin when I held my seminar there in July 2013. I have heard only excellent feedbacks about their work. Their website is in German only.
Weg Mit Herz - Psychotherapy & Sexual Healing, Berlin » Fried-Guenter Hansen is a psychotherapist and Tantra Teacher with a practice in Berlin. His work is aimed at opening your heart to whatever is in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. His website is in German, but is being translated into English. Fried-Guenter speaks English.

Tantra Massage

ANANDA Tantra Massage: sensual massage for men and women » Ananda was one of the first and is the largest tantra institutes in Germany. Years of experience can be felt in every single massage; each guest can see for himself that the guiding principle “The Art of Touch” is constantly being lived up to. If you let yourself be massaged by a woman at ANANADA you will encounter a strong, creative personality. For the tantric massage therapists of ANANDA, a massage is more than a combination of skilled hand movements, rather it is touchingthe skin and reaching the soul. Their website is in German and English. Highly recommended by Leandra. THey are located in Cologne (Koeln) half way between Amsterdam and Frankfurt.
Spiritual Tantra Lounge, Berlin » The Tantra Center in the heart of Berlin, Germany has a team of practitioners who offer Tantra Massage, erotic, sensual and pleasent for body, spirit and soul as well as Tantra Workshops for all who want to develop themselves spiritually and as humans. Ines, who visited Leandra for 2 months early 2011 to further her training, is one of the team members. Highly recommended!
BerlinTantra » I had the pleasure of meeting and giving a spontaneous 4-handed massage with Larisa, the director of BerlinTantra during my July 2013 seminar visit to Berlin. She is a real professional and a beautiful person (both physically and emotionally). She made me feel welcome and so comfortable in her studio which is stunning. I also met and chatted to Ewa after the massage I gave there. A vibrant and lovely person. I recommend this studio if you are visiting Berlin. The website is in German and English.


Tantra Schools

Tantra for Men » Tantra4GayMen is a UK based Tantra school dedicated to the personal, sexual and spiritual development of gay and bisexual men. Started in 2008, they have been on a rapid path of growth and offer Courses and Events across the UK together with a growing network of Tantric Masseurs accredited to their high standards.

Tantra Massage

Tantra4Tigers - London » Cathryn offers sessions for men or women seeking an authentic tantric experience from her North London treatment room.
Male to Male Tantric Massage in Central London, U.K. » Alex is an experienced masseur and healer working out of a comfortable therapy room in his house, offering a firm full-body sensual tantric massage for straight-/, bi- or gay men. Don’t miss this profound sensual, relaxing, yet invigorating experience.

Tantra Resources

Bodyecstatic » This is a great website with lots of tips and tantric techniques enhance your sexuality by the sexologist Maurice who is based in Australia. He also has a teaching newsletter to which you can subscribe, giving info about a variety of courses. Great information
Loveology University » Loveology University offers certified courses in love, relationships, intimacy and human sexuality - Better Sex Tips, Tantra Sex, Love Coach, Love Coaching
Society For Sacred Sexuality » An american based online society which offers news, lessons, advocacy and resources for the general public and global sacred sex community. Great informative site with lots of information and many lessons lessons on sacred sexuality.
International Osho Website » The website has a wonderful library of Osho texts and hosts the Osho Meditation Resort in Puna, India.


Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati (Swami J) - Traditional Yoga & Meditation of the Himalayan Masters » The path of Yoga is not one of mere belief, but rather is a systematic way for each person to realize in direct experience his or her own unity with that infinite essence which is spoken of with so many names. Swami J's web site is devoted to presenting the ancient Self-Realisation path of the Tradition of the Himalayan masters in simple, understandable and beneficial ways, while not compromising quality or depth. The practices include Yoga meditation of the Yoga Sutras, contemplation of Advaita Vedanta, and purely internal kundalini-shakti practices of Samaya Sri Vidya Tantra. These teachings of the sages of the Himalayas systematically lead one to the highest Realization of the centre of consciousness. This is the best site for spiritual seekers I have found on the web. Definately worth many visits. Leandra
Swami Rama » Swami J's page about Swami Rama with links to numerous articles. Swami Rama is Leandra's favourite spiritual teacher and writer!

Psychotherapy with a tantric perspective

Weg Mit Herz - Fried Guenter Hansen » Fried Guenter Hansen is a psychotherapist and tantra teacher based in Berlin, Germany and a personal friend and college of Leandra. His website is presently only in German, however he speaks fluent English!


Tantra Sacred Massage is a member of these organisations

The National Institute of Tantra South Africa (NITSA) » A non-profit organisation aimed at furthering Tantra in South Africa though information, as well as professional training and practitioner membership. Formed in March 2007 by Ma Anand Leandra on the invitation of the International Institute of Tantra.
International Institute of Tantra » Based in Australia, they have partners around the globe. A global initiative to bring together all facets of Tantra and make it accessible to the Average person. National Institute of Tantra aims to combine the external power of the cosmic forces to the internal energy of every human being that suits their own individual capabilities, requirements and recommendations.
International Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors & Therapists (IASECT) » Formed to inform the international community of educating professionals and the public about human sexuality and behavior and to support the positive integration of sexuality into individuals lives. IASECT is a non for profit organization working toward promoting positive integration of sexuality into individuals lives. We are also acknowledging alternative methods of sexual therapy and healing and developing new ways of approaching individual sexuality. By Integrating professional modalities we are able to assist in finding a professional psychologist, therapist or doctor to supervise or oversee any sexual therapy work with individuals encompassing alternative methods of healing, like Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and Interfaith healing methods.

Tantra and Tantra Massage Organisations

Tantramassage-Verband, Germany » A network of recognised tantric massage practitioners. In order to become a member, one has to undergo a practical assessment and subscribe to the code of conduct. If you are visiting Germany, you can find verified tantric massage practitioners around the county vis their website which is partly in English. NITSA is based on this organisation.

Tantra for Professionals » Simplifying and supporting you work to a place of ethical, practical, safe and soul touching work connected in the most beautiful of emotions, Love. If you describe yourself as a Tantric Masseur, Tantric Practitioner, Daka, Dakini, Sacred Intimate, Sacred Sexual Healer or any other description, if you work with Sexuality and Spirituality, then this is the website for you.