How to book...
Sessions with Leandra, affiliates & visiting guests

 General Information

  • Tantra Sacred Massage operates from from private venues in Cape Town, Johannesburg and on the Durban south coast (Pennington)
  • Please visit the affiliate page to view profiles of affiliate practitioners.
  • Leandra's is the founder and director of Tantra Sacred Massage. You will find details about her under About Leandra
  • We do not do travel or hotel bookings
  • We see a maximum of 2 students per day over three possible time slots: morning, afternoon and evening. We also work on weekends on request. 
  • Although a once-off session can be memorable, we recommend that you come for more than one session. A tantric journey has a beginning, but no ending. Our sessions are a process for both the student and practioner and no two sessions are exactly alike. You achieve the most benefit from regular sessions or a series of sessions.
  • Follow up and regular students are given preference with open booking times, however new students are always welcome.

 How to make a booking

  • If you are a first-time student, it is important that you have read all the information about the massage on The Massage page, the Massage Menu & Rates page as well as the Questions & Answers page before making a booking.
  • Bookings are done by email and not  by phone. Please email either leandra on one of the email addresses below or email the affiliates directly for bookings. Please give some details about your motivation for the massage session. 
  • Payment is in advance and made into the bank account given to you when your booking is confirmed (unless otherwise stated).
  • Your payment confirms and secures your booking. Once the booking is confirmed from your side, you will receive the address and directions.
  • It is possible to arrange a telephone consultation prior to making your booking should you wish to discuss anything with me in advance. Please email or SMS your request should you wish this: 0845865361 (SMS only please)

Email Bookings

  • Bookings are taken in advance via email.
  • You are welcome to include any questions you may have regarding the massage or your session as well as anything paeticular you would like addressed during the session in your email.
  • We do not generally take short-notice bookings and indeed, these are difficult to get as our schedule is generally well booked in advance. 
  • Please email with the following information:
    1.) Your full name and some information about your motivation for tantra and/or the massage session
    2.) Your day and time preference, preferably with alternative days/times
    3.) Your cell phone number for SMS-contact in case of our email answer not reaching you (see Spam info below)
  • If you decide not to confirm your booking, we would be grateful if you would send an email to say so and not leave us "in the dark"
  • Email adresses: / / /

Spam problems with emails

Sometimes emails go astray, due to spam filtering. If you don't get a reply within 3 days after emailing, please send an SMS to Leandra with your name, email address and your booking request, and she will get back to you. Please "white list" our email addys in your spam internet security program to ensure you receive our emails.

Phone Bookings

  • Phone bookings are possible only under certain circumstances: 
    - if you do not have email access
    - if you are a visitor to South Africa and require a booking at short notice
    - if you are a repeat student within 1 month or are completing a series of bookings
  • Please SMS your booking wish and please don't forget to include your name! We will SMS back and include a suitable time to phone.
  • We do not answer calls from private numbers.
  • Leandra's mobile phone for SMS bookings: 0845865361. Please do not phone for a booking, rather send an SMS.


  • Payment is in advance and confirms and secures your booking.
  • Your  booking will be held for one week after you've received the confirmation email from our side, thereafter you may find your booking space taken up by someone else!
  • If you require a longer payment period, please be sure to arrange this at the time of booking.
  • Once you have confirmed the booking, you will receive the address & directions.


In the event of a last minute cancellation on your side, every attempt will be made to allocate you an alternative time as soon as possible during the same visit or a following visit to your area. Owing to the fact that all bookings are made in advance and that I see a maximum of 2 students per day in order to ensure and maintain a high quality of work, a refund can only be given if it is not possible to allocate you another time. In the event of an unavoidable cancelation on  our part, your booking will either be re-scheduled or you will receive a full refund. 

 Preparation before the massage

If you are booking for the first time, simply come with an openness, a willingness to experience something new. All you need to know will be discussed in the initial chat prior to the massage.

  • Please do not come to your massage session having partaken in legal or illegal drugs of any kind other than necessary medical medication.
  • Please come groomed and clean to your session.
  • If you are coming directly from work and are unable to shower before hand, let me know before your booking and I will run a bath (in Johannesburg) or you can have a shower (in Cape Town and Durban South Coast).
  • Please notify us if you will be late or if you are unable to take your booking. We exchange mobile phone numbers for this purpose.