Tantra Sacred Massage for men, women and couples
on the KZN coast

* LATEST NEWS 1st December 2014
Prem Savanthika is presently based in KZN in Port Shepstone and is working on the south coast, in Durban and on the north coast up to Balito. He works with men, women and couples and is also offering workshops, courses and retreats.

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* News January 2014: 
Leandra sold her house in Pennington and now resides in Cape Town. We are looking for premises from which to work in Durban and plan to make trips to Durban 3 - 4 times a year. Needed is a space to rent for the duration of such trips to Durban. This can be a massage studio or a garden cottage or a B & B with a private en-suite room. It can also be a yoga school with additional rooms for one on one work.
If you have something or know of something, please let me know.

Warm greetings to you all
Ma Leandra

Email:  leandra@tantra-massage.co.za