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 General info

Please read How to book before making your booking. We do not do travel or hotel bookings as we are not an erotic service. Tantra Sacred Massage requires a special setting, this is available in our studios. We only take SMS bookings if you are not able to email. Potential clients who misuse the phone number by calling and asking us to explain the massage or what the price is etc., will not be attended to and reverted back to the website. We are busy with clients and cannot answer these calls. Thank you for your understanding.

  • All massage bookings begin with tea/coffee and an initial chat to get to know each other.
  • The tantric background for the massage will be explained and there will be time for your questions.
  • The massage itself is then 90 to 120 minutes in duration and ends with a period of rest.
  • You will be able to shower / bath both before (if you come direct from work for example) and after the massage.
  • The session then closes with a final chat. 
  • The massage is also a learning session. You will be given practical homework after the session to support you in your further progress.
  • Regular students: not every massage session is necessarily the same. Depending on your personal progress, the sessions can, and probably will, vary as the work intensifies.

(* Please note: yearly price increase on 1st March 2015)


Consultations & talk sessions: R 400
60 minutes for a chat and tea/coffee to discuss any aspect of Tantra, personal issues or your personal tantric and/or meditation progress as well as sexual and intimacy questions etc. Leandra is psychotherapeutically qualified and has vast and extensive experience in the therapeutic field. You are welcome to book a consultation to discuss any aspect of your life with her including sexual issues, relationship difficulties, trauma and decision making inhibitions. If you are requiring therapeutic accompaniment, it is suggested to first book an initial session to get to know the quality of her work. Thereafter, to get the most benefit, a series of weekly sessions is recommended to get the best benefit. More info on her qualifications and experience here...More on Leandra...  

 Individual massage sessions

Individual massage I: R 1400  (3 hours) 
This session is recommended for first time bookings. More than "just" a wonderful massage, these sessions are teaching sessions starting with a consultation in which you learn about Tantra and can discuss personal questions or issues in some depth. You then receive the full body hot-oil massage including lingam or yoni and healing anal massage (if wished) either on the futon or the massage table. The tantric breathing technique is taught and you will be given homework to further develop your experience of the meditative aspects of sensuality and orgasm. You can book either the massage on the futon or on the massage table. If it is a first visit, Leandra generally works with men on the futon and with women on the massage table. If you wish otherwise, please request this when you book.
Please note that trainee practitioners and newly qualified practitioners work on the massage table. After they have completed Module II of the training they will also work on the futon.

Individual massage II:  R 1000  (2 hours) 
This session can also be booked for first time bookings but is usually used as follow up bookings. Same as the above only a shorter session for those under time constraint. You receive the full body hot oil massage including the lingam massage (for men) or yoni massage (for women) and healing anal massage if wished.  The session always starts with a brief chat, followed by a tantric touch or other tantric ritual.

4 handed massage session with two practitioners ** : R 1900 (2 hours) 
We start with a chat over a cup of tea /coffee before starting the full body, feathers, fur, hands and hot-oil massage on the massage table. The massage includes the lingam/yoni and healing anal massage if wished. The massage itself is related to the Ayurvedic medicine tradition (India) and also the Lomi Lomi Nui or Kahuna ( Hawaii) healing massage traditions. Feathers, fur and other textiles awaken the skin. Rhythmic parallel strokes the length of the body from the feet to the hands and back, relaxes you deeply. Hot oil is then applied to both sides of the body :and finally you are given the same parallel strokes both under and over the body at the same time. The sensation of 4 hands touching you lovingly above and below at the same time is quite something to be experienced. The massage is nurturing and revitalizing and harmonizes of mind, body and spirit.
**  Only available in JHB & CPT when two practitioners are in the same place at the same time. Please check the Open Bookings tables for dates and practitioners on the Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban pages. Or let the practitioner know that you are interested and you will be contacted as soon as dates become available.

 Lingam Massage for men / Yoni Massage for women

Please note: these massages are not available as first time sessions. Please book a 2 or 3 hour session if you are a first time student.

"For Yourself" Yoni Massage for women: R 800 (90 minutes)
The "For Yourself" Yoni Massage is a healing, holistic massage for women given in a loving atmosphere of acceptance. It is a massage of the whole genital area which focuses completely on your needs and desires. After an initial consultation the practical part of the session beings with learning the tantric breathing technique. Your body is then prepared with relaxing stretching & rocking as well as loving tantric touch, before the genital area is approached. Working from the outside towards the inside, every part of your Yoni is then gently touched & massaged whereby you may discover new areas that were probably unknown to you. The session can culminate in orgasm but does not have to as this is not the goal of the massage. Finally a ritual washing completes the ceremony and you have a resting period before taking a shower. The For Yourself Yoni Massage helps you grow confidence in your sensuality and the functioning of your sexual energy. It can be a very intense experience, bringing up feelings and emotions. If this is the case, you will have time to express and discuss these. It gives you the opportunity of exploring your sensuality and sexual energy with an attitude of deep acceptance and healing. There are no expectations on you to perform or reciprocate, you can enjoy the time simply "for yourself. The massage can be given by a female or a male practitioner.

"Inspirational" Lingam Massage for men: R 800 (90 minutes)
The "Inspirational" Lingam Massage is an effective massage of the male genitals, given in an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance and with great care. You will be inspired to replace sexual limitations with a more satisfying and fulfilling way of touching and expressing your sexual energy, the aim being to direct your sensual/sexual energy to higher awareness and more acceptance of your masculinity. The session offers men a chance to become acquainted with new possibilities and ways of sensual/sexual enjoyment and a new perspective of your self-perception of being male, teaching you the real potential of the male sexual organ.
The session starts with an initial consultation, learning the tantric breathing technique and some relaxing stretching, rocking and tantric touching. The pelvic floor is then awakened with a massage of the perineum, scrotum and testicles, before the entire shaft is touched in various ways and with a variety of grips. The aim is always to prolong your passion and make it tangible within the whole body. The session focuses totally on your needs and capacity to receive and gives men more ease and confidence with their sexual energy.  Being in touch with your Lingam in a deeper way, gives you the capacity to communicate your maleness clearly, while at the same time being available for the feminine.
The "Inspirational" Lingam Massage can also be offered in combination with a healing anal and prostate massage which assists with releasing control.
The session ends with a ritual washing and resting period before you take a shower.

 Couple's workshops

Couple's workshop I: R1600 (4 hours)
We start with tea & a chat about Tantra and your goals. The practical work begins with learning the tantric breathing technique. We then do a number of tantric rituals depending on your requirements. These can include the foot washing ceremony, a tantric touch ritual, tantric eye gazing, a communication ritual & a well wishing ritual. This workshop is a wonderful way to learn methods to connect more deeply and intimately on all levels - emotionally, physically and spiritually. You take away "homework" and lots of ideas to try out and practice at home in order to transform your experience of sexuality. There is no intimate work in this workshop.

Follow up to Couple's Workshop I: R1000 (2 hours)
If you have already participated in the 4-hour workshop you have the option to book this intimate follow up workshop. You learn to give each other the lingam / yoni massages.

Couple's Workshop II: R 2500 (6 hours)
This is the full 6 hour workshop. It includes all the content of the two workshops above. Make this as a special treat, to renew the love and sensuality in your partnership or if desired, to work on tantric solutions to sexually related issues. This workshop structure concentrates on your relationship and gives you the means to deepen your intimacy on all levels. We begin with a chat about your goals as well as some information about Tantra before I facilitate various bonding and rituals: the foot washing ceremony, well wishing ritual, communication ritual, tantric eye gazing, tantric touch ritual. Then the last 2 hours is spent learning how to give each other the lingam and yoni massages. Please be prepared for intimate hands on work. 
The workshop can be given in two 3-hour sessions or three 2-hour sessions if this is better suited to your schedules. This way you also have time to practice what you have learned in between sessions.