Leandra's Art 5


Painted in the latter half of 2001, these next three paintings are significant - my decision to return to South Africa after living in Germany for 28 years was made while painting them. They are meditative paintings, the graphic/structural aspect of this work, forcing me to slow down and allow my thoughts free range whilst painting. At the same time, I had to focus entirely on the actual process as it very delicate and in itself structural. I think this enabled me to actually allow myself to accept the desire to return home, which was a huge decision - I was to leave my husband and then 14 year old daughter behind in Germany. To this day, these paintings have great meaning to me.

"The Way Of The Snake"
(Aquarelle on paper)




(Aquarelle on paper)








"Rainbow Nation"
Water color pencil postcard size)




Visions of South Africa

After making the decision to return to South Africa, my colors and themes expressed the visions in my heart.



(Aquarelle on paper)





Spring In The City                            Late Summer Day In The City            After The Rain In The City