Leandra's Art 3


Themes from nature and discovering Aquarelle...

When I went back to small formats, I began working earnestly with Aquarelle pencils as well as in Aquarelle paints. At the same time, my colours went softer and I began exploring themes I took from nature. This was the begining of my work becomming more and more grafic.

"Water-ways"                                               "Air-ways"                                                    "Air-ways"

"Pods"  renamed "Yoni" in 2008                                           "Calabash" renamed "Lingam" in 2008

"Three Pods", renamed "Balance" in 2008
I began using Aquarelle paints with a non-Aquarelle technique, almost like a Tempera  paints, only the Aquarelle reacts differently.





Late 1980's...
This photo was taken in the south of France,at the end of a 14-day woman's therapy camp that I had participated in. Already developing the art therapy that I was later to teach, I created a  painted diary of self-portrait, one for each day, each expressing my inner world thatparticular day.



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