Leandra's Art 2

1985 - 1990

"Meditation On Black And White"

The theme of all my work in the eighties was about South Africa. About identity - who was I as a white South African living in a Europe as a non-European!
A series of about 40 post card sized paintings grouped together according to theme. They were done entirely with three oil pastels: red, white and black.
(Oil pastels on paper)




Colour emerges in this series of larger scale paintings where the remnents of the bandages from the performance are still visible.
(Aquarelle and wax crayons on paper)



Workikng with Dispersionsfarbe (acrylic wall paint) on paper


"After The Rain"                                                  "I Say Goodbye"
Both Dispersionsfarbe on paper (80 x 150m)
"I Say Goodbye" was the begining of a long period where I focussed on relationships as a theme.

Large scale mixed media work


Inspired by a woman's jazz group from the UK, a concert which I visited in Hamburg. I spent a couple of days and nights working on this painting.

Aquarelle crayon & black ink black ink on paper 3 x 1,80m


Aquarelle phase and the theme "Relationships"


(Aquarelle on paper)

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