Leandra's Art 1...

1978- 1988

The Woman's Movement period in the late seventies

During the core of the Woman's Movement in Germany, are the early beginnings of my interest in the therapeutic aspect of visual art work.
Here I am advertising a nude drawing course for women. We took turns to stand model and always ended with a discussion about our inner feelings during the process. Looking back, this was unbeknown, early Tantra as well, in that we worked with the Archetypes of the Voyeur and the Exhibitionist and with sexuality in general, but on a very personal level.

(Nude drawing in black ink and drawn with a stick.)

Multi Media Performance "Eingewickelt" including large scale black and white drawings on paper

"I am a woman
My skin is white
My homeland is Africa
In the country that I am living...
I am a foreigner...
embraced by textiles of descent and heritage
in bands of colour and gender.
Embedded in bandages of nationality...." Click here to read the full text of this performance...

(Charcoal and black ink on paper, Performance with recorded text and effects) 


I won much accalaim for this Performance. Twice I was invited as a special guest, in Amsterdam and Bremen, to show paintings from this series as well as the Performance "Eingewickelt" as part of the large international Atr/Contre Apartheid exhibition that toured the world and included world renound established artists.

Large sale black and white drawings aroung the South African identity theme

"The Eye Of The Chamelion",
one of the large scale drawings done in colaboration with exciled South African artist Lefifi Tladi, who was based in Sweden at the time. We worked on themes around our situation: a black South African male and a white South African female exchanging thoughts onour relative cultures. It was a unique experience for us at the time, as we had neither been so exposed to the "other side" of the Apartheid spectrum of upbringing and culture. For me, it was intense, scary and quite transforming. Only once did we exhibit together and it caused quite a stir in the alternative scene in Bremen. In those days, the German people were generally quite nervous and skeptical of white South Africans, whom they saw as the oppresson - no matter what their political beliefs and activities were. I had a hard time!

(Charchole and black ink on paper - 3 X 2.30m)

Performance with art therapy students

Paper Performance at an exhibition opening which I did with art therapy students of my Interdisclipinary Art Therapy traning institute.The institute opened in 1999 and art in all forms was an important part of the five year training. One of my larger scale oil paintings hangs in the background (Oil on paper)


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