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Ma Anand Leandra - The Lion Woman, Mother of Bliss

Tantric Touch and Massage specialist, Tantra Coach, founder of Tantra Sacred Massage™ and the Durga Tantra School, Director of NITSA (National Institute of Tantra South Africa), Psychoanalytical Art Therapist, Visual Artist


 Photograph: Philip de Voss, March 2012


 Tantra has become my way of life. I came to Tantra after years of experiencing fully all that was placed in my life to experience. I always had a sense of wanting to understand, wanting to grasp what all this life is about. A sense of life having to mean something more than just being born, living and then dying, seemed to drive me to deeper realms of searching until I found Tantra. This is however not the end of my quest for understanding and personal growth -Tantra allows me continual growth.

"The story of our life is,
in the end, not our life.
It is our story"
(from the movie Americano)

I lived in Europe for 28 years, and this has been a great influence on my life. Being exposed to another culture so intensively is a wonderful learning curve, but I missed South Africa all the time and never lost the feeling of my roots being here. I have been back home since early 2002 and loved every minute of it. In spite of all the problems here I am very happy to be home. I lived long enough in Europe to see that there too, negative changes take place making life more and more difficult for the individual - and that all the issues we have here in South Africa, are there also in one form or another. I believe that part of the spiritual path is to always see the glass as half full instead of half empty - and to be grateful for the fullness there is. 

After all my seeking for a meaningful life, what I can say about Tantra is that it is the most direct way of getting there. It is also the most playful and enjoyable! In my work, I try to create an atmosphere of acceptance and a safe, secure and loving space in which massage guests and Tantra sessions clients can relax and open up into.

Influences, Teachings, Experiences along my path


There is so much that has influenced my life, both professionally and personally. My formative teenage years were during the heart of the hippy movement in the sixties and one of the worst periods of Apartheid. Needless to say I became an up-market hippy and an anti-apartheid activist until finally, after completing University, I left for Europe to find my personal freedom.

I was 22 years old and alone. My possessions consisted of a rucksack of clothes, a pair of tackies, a portable mini typewriter, and R1000. I left to find freedom, thinking Europe was free, and thus my journey really began. Europe was in the heart of the Woman's Movement at that time. I became intensively involved and huge changes took place in my inner world. It was also the time of the Osho Sanyassins returning home from India, starting active meditation evenings and Tantra groups. This however, was still all very foreign to me, leaving me on the perimeter. The movement was however so gigantic, that it never the less, formed much of what I was to become.
Photograph: Philip de Voss, March 2012

I tried different spiritual paths at different times while I was living in Germany, always seeking something I could call "Truth”, and an inner place from which I could feel joy. I’ve known total despondence, aloneness, despair, fear, and utter depression. Somehow, I always had a spirit which moved me on, no matter in what condition I was in. I used to think this was birth given, something in my genes. Today I believe it is the heritage of my past life of which I have had a number of "clues” starting from a very early age. The Tantra I now teach is deeply linked to Gnostic Christianity, the time when Jesus was teaching unconditional love. It is a Sacred Sexual (or tantric) lineage that was annihilated completely by the early Christian church and disappeared from any spiritual teaching for hundreds of years. It was however only after coming to Tantra that all of this began to make sense to me.

Finally a series of severe illnesses, numerous operations resulting in, on one occasion, my being close to dying, and I was ready, on the foothold to the path of Tantra. Recovering from yet a further physical crisis in the way of an accident in which I severely broke my right arm, and after three operations for this, I finally sought and found my first Tantra teacher. I was desperate to find a gentleness in my life, I wanted the recalling inner pain I had always felt in one way or another, to stop. I was still seeking my freedom. By now, I knew it was an inner freedom that I wanted, and I was grateful when I was taken on as a student.

My actual initiation into Tantra was immediately followed by a situation in which I was confronted by my worst fears. There, finally, I found a fearless, gentle and peaceful willingness to die. A deeply mystical experience for me, one in which I no longer felt any separation from the stone I was sitting on, the evening reflections on the lagoon in front of me, or the fading sky above me. In this space, finally, my seeking was completed and I was catapulted into Awareness, into Consciousness and a deep state of Satori, which lasted for months. The transformation in my being was total.

Thus began my second journey, embracing and learning to live this Truth and sharing it with others. Since then, I have been happy. Yes, simply happy. I master adversity - and there has been much of that, I always get to feel compassion for the other and not sorry for myself. I love my life. I love all of life, and I find great joy in assisting and accompanying men and women, to more fulfilment, to more passion and a positive transformation in their lives. Love is what is left when you've let go of all the things you love.
Swami Jnaneshvara

Tantra is powerful and it is wild. Tantra is also gentle and loving. It is full of rituals that have great meaning. It is, for me, the ultimate path, encompassing all aspects of life, including our humanness, including our sexuality. To me Tantra means a love-filled life. A full life. A joyous life.

I am grateful to be in a position to live the way I do - traveling around the country of my birth and which I love so much, meeting and working with wonderful people from all walks of life, from all religions, all cultures. I give much... and receive much more. The gratitude I feel, to all who have given so abundantly to me, by allowing me to touch their lives...and their bodies…. is my motor and has become the motivation for each new day.

Leandra, March 2010

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